When it comes to architecture, selecting a design team can be a balancing act between a client’s unique vision and the proven design techniques of the firm. Arcon Design Build offers a systematic range of architectural services that certify client specifications will be met from the initial assessment to completion. Because when it comes to hiring a design firm, openness and adherence to a clients vision are the most important things, which Arcon covers in a wide range of design services.

New Structures

Arcon provides full-scale construction and renovation services for both home and residential structures. For new home constructions, Arcon ensures customer assurance from the drafting stage all the way to completion. The company employs a diverse and artistic crew of architects that can make any client idea a dream come true.


Arcon puts just as much focus on their home renovations as they do when constructing a new structure. Assurance is given to virtually any client request for renovation including structural modification or smaller room modifications. Arcon provides assurance for their renovation projects that matches up to high marks in the essentials of home renovations.

Home Additions

When it comes to home additions, homeowners generally find that adding a room or space to their home can not only add more space but also increase the market value of their home. Arcon provides a comprehensive selection of home additions. Whether seeking a single room or a large addition to the original structure, Arcon’s team of designers promise to keep their clients in the know from the initial consultation and design planning, through to the construction of your additional space and beyond.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

All homeowners who have gone through renovation or construction can testify that bathroom and kitchen remodels are a complicated undertaking. Arcon promises to guide clients through every step of this sometimes-complicated process. From the initial price estimate to the consultation for design specifications–a team of designers and architects will be on site to modify any additional customer requests and ensure that all plumbing and electrical modifications are correct and working properly.

Commercial Services

Arcon also expands its state-of-the-art design services to commercial properties and businesses. Whether a business that needs to be modified for increased customer traffic and accommodations or a large-scale shopping center that needs to expand, designers and architects are ready for the challenge. With a team of designers who have constructed diplomatic buildings in the Washington D.C. area, Arcon has a proven track record of superior designs.

Arcon Design Build offers a multifaceted approach to both small- and large-scale construction and renovations. With a commitment to client satisfaction, Arcon has proven success in every architectural sphere, including private, commercial, and diplomatic. From permit acquisition to a talented team of designers, Arcon handles any request with one-hundred-percent accuracy and commitment. Homeowners and commercial enterprises can rest assured that Arcon Design Build has every possible architectural avenue covered.