When you own a home you can make a number of alterations to accommodate your family’s needs or even your own wants. You can add new rooms or combine two existing rooms. As long as you have the budget, you can renovate your home to your liking. Of course, not every renovation has to happen inside your home because you can add a structure in your backyard. One of the most useful structures you can consider installing is the ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit.

What is ADU?

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a structure that has become popular over time. ADU is commonly known as granny flats or in-law apartments.  It is an extra building a homeowner can install with the idea of making more living space. It can become your home’s extension with the capacity of a real home inside that can support an entirely separate resident or family. ADU has its own kitchen, bathroom, living room and sleeping spaces. Usually, they are built inside the homeowner’s property, so ADU owners can put it to the renter’s market and earn money from it without having the need to buy a new property.

There are three types of ADUs you should know:

  • Interior ADU or a house built within the main house
  • Attached ADU or build as an extension of the main house
  • Detached ADU or stand-alone

Apart from the fact that it is the latest home trend, people are attracted to the idea of having an ADU due to several good reasons such as:

  • Good source of income
    You can put up your ADU for rent and renters will be excited about it. Most people build an ADU with the intent to rent it because it can greatly help helm them during the renovation stage. It is also ideal to list it as an Airbnb if you happen to live in an a popular visited city/town.


  • Overcrowding no more
    There are families who live together in one area. Instead of sharing one space, ADU can give everyone a little extra space where everyone can have their own private space while enjoying proper accommodations. ADU provides privacy and at the same time, flexibility to rent it out just in case there is currently no relative occupying it.


  • Provide help for those who need it
    Some families can’t afford to buy a home yet. By renting your ADU to them, you can give them a safe place where they can live and provide them access to a single family neighborhood. As an ADU owner, you instantly have a neighbor of your own in close proximity.

Tiny home and ADU designs give a lot of opportunity to its owner. Just remember to prepare for the construction cost and choose a good design. It is a onetime expense, but it is an investment that can make you grateful because it can offer you plenty of benefits.


By Ryan Smith