When you are building a home, focusing on the foundation and structure is one thing. To properly call it home, you should design its space according to your own needs and lifestyle without sacrificing its aesthetics. Often times, people don’t put too much time and effort into designing their home while it’s being built. Maybe it’s due to costs or falling behind on schedule.
Homeowners will engage in renovations years down the road which can be even more costly. To avoid this, be sure to emphasize the importance of design during construction. 

What type of design is right for your home?

A proper home design can make a living space fulfill its purpose. There are different types of design you can implement but one of the most popular today is the modern transitional design. As we all know, transition means moving from one place into another. But what does it mean when it comes to interior design? The term modern transitional design is a term used to describe a combination of two styles in one space. It is a balance between traditional and modern furnishings and décor. Moreover, it works really well that it can create a cohesive design.

Many people tend to use a modern transitional design because it looks like a subtle version of traditional look and design, allowing it to span multiple decades without looking old and dull. Designers are sure that modern transitional design is the hottest trend today with clients increasing every year. It’s a modern mix of classic and contemporary; making it timeless. It is popular in today’s generation as they always want something new without creating it from scratch.  It’s like a new take on an old classic or a fresher version of a traditional design.

Modern transitional is the art of combining

To achieve the modern transitional design, you should be able to combine modern and traditional strategies properly. It may seem difficult at first, but there are a few tricks you can learn to achieve this design with ease. Here are some tips below:


  • Stay neutral
    Being neutral is the first thing that you need to do in order to achieve a modern transitional design. Focus more on the furniture and make a focal point out of it.


  • Use textural elements
    A combination of wood, glass, fabric, and metal can help you achieve a new version out of traditional design.


  • Limit your accessories
    You may be tempted to use a lot of accessories but don’t. You already have a mix of furnishings and fabrics so it might look messy if you keep adding more.


  • Chose impactful art
    Instead of using small pieces of décor, place a large piece on the wall. It’s attractive and more pleasing to the eyes.

Do you think a traditional design is a bit too stuffy but doesn’t like contemporary design because it’s too cold? Then a modern transitional design will be perfect for you.  You can have a neutral appearance; cleaner lines and all modern aesthetic feel without losing the traditional details. Using modern transitional design can make your home classic and timeless.