In the past, a homeowner interested in building a new home or renovating and remodeling an existing one would have to first employ an architect to complete the design, then hire a contractor to handle construction. But because owners have to work with two distinct entities, this traditional method is expensive, takes a long time, may not lend itself to more focused projects that demand flexibility, and sometimes even leads to costly disagreements between architects on the one hand and contractors on the other.

Here at Arcon, we’ve simplified this approach by combining both phases, design, and construction, into a single, streamlined “Design-Build” process. The advantages are significant. With design-build, owners work with only one team, which leads to less confusion, greater efficiency, a higher degree of flexibility, greater say in the project, and no change orders because of the plan or design issues. Design-build allows for a smoother transition through every stage of the process, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the cracks and that architects and contractors stay on the same page from beginning to end.

At Arcon, the design work is carried out by our own design professionals – certified AIA Architects and Professional Engineers (PE) – in house. With your input, we design the home, review the plans, and secure approval and permits for construction. Once the permit is issued, the design team works hand in hand with our construction team to complete the project on time, within the prescribed budget, and according to your specifications. After a decade of dedicated work, we have perfect this innovative “design-build” approach, turning the complicated, traditional procedure into an effective, streamlined, and responsive process. Owning your dream home has never been easier.